View Full Version : Solved: Naming of AAC files in non-English format

2009-03-23, 21:58
Was struggling to rescan my entire library when SB simply refuses to recognize some non-English folders and filenames created by iTunes.

As it turns out, those non-English songs imported by iTunes (say, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc) appear to be skipped by the rescan process.

Previously created MP3s tagged using MS Media Player with the native filenames are recognized by SB.

Problem was then to locate those files in iTunes, copied them to another folder,

1. Renamed the artist folder into English equivalent
2. Use any MP3TAG editor to rename the files into 01.m4a, 02.m4a, etc,
3. Rescan entire library

and all songs appear in SB. :)

Mick Seymour
2009-03-23, 23:53
Glad to hear you have all your music available now.