View Full Version : Transporter and Text scrolling

2009-03-22, 14:16

I am not able to get a nice fluid scrolling text. I use the large font size and during scrolling the text quick stops and then jumps a little forward. This is about every four to six seconds.

I have this with 7.3 and now also with 7.4 - 25661. The Transporter is wireless connected and at 88% signal strenght. The server is a dualcore AMD windows vista box. There are 5 players connected. The server has about 2-10% cpu load and 0.5to1% network load (only with the Transporter running).

I tested several different values and never get a nice scrolling text.
Currently for large fonts they are:

Scroll Rage: Large Text Scroll Rate: 0.032
Scroll Pixels: Large Text Scroll Pixels: 2

What can I do to get it fluid?