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2009-03-21, 03:23
First post from a long time lurker

I have an SB2 in use with a Denon AVR1906 and an SB1G languishing in a cupboard. I'm thinking of setting the SB1 back into use with a Sony TA-FE570 anp. that is also not in use.

I was thinking of getting something like a DACMagic or Beresford DAC to go between the one of the squeezeboxes and the Sony amp. I'm not really an audiophile but I can definitely tell the difference in quality between the DAC outputs of the SB1 and SB2. I know all the stuff about digital out being digital out but is there a difference in digital output quality between the SB1 and SB2?

Anyway barring the fact that Squeezenetwork is not available with the SB1 what would be the best setup:

1) SB1->Denon digital in SB2->DAC->Sony
2) SB1->DAC->Denon analogue direct SB2->Sony
3) SB2->Denon in SB1->DAC->Sony

or some other combination?



2009-03-21, 08:07
If you're happy with the SB2 analog output why not just get a new player instead of using the SB1....probably cheaper than the DAC's you mentioned.

2009-03-22, 12:47
There is a huge difference between the SB1 and the SB2 digital outputs.
On the SB2 the left music channel always goes to the left, the right music channel always goes to the right. On the SB1 the channels get randomly swapped. This is apparently a feature of the Micronas chip used in the SB1 and can't be fixed.
You will need to decide whether this is an issue for you - for me having the
orchestra change seats between performances is a complete killer.

One other thing to consider - The WiFi encryption used on the SB1 is limited to WEP. - i.e. completely insecure.

My SB1 is in a box in the loft and is likely to stay there. The SB2/3 is a big step up.