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2009-03-21, 03:17

Setup: I have an SB3 and SqueezeCenter 7.3.2 on Windows Vista SP1. WLAN is provided via Fritz!box.

Problem: Playing OGG files crashes the SB3.

The SB3 crashes thusly:
1) The display gets messed up: most of the pixels get turned on, but its still possible to make out the text on the display. Turning the SB3 off (via remote) does not fix the display, its stays messed up even though its turned off. Turning it back on does not help the display.
2) There is no audio going out over the coax SPDIF.

Tested: I have only two albums that are OGG encoded, the rest of what I have is FLAC. Playing an OGG encoded song will crash the SB3 every time. After resetting (see below) playing a FLAC is not a problem, but the OGG files will kill the SB3.

1) Unplugging the power the SB3 will fix the display problem, but there is still no audio on the SPDIF.
2) A Xilinx Reset is required to get the audio going back out the SPDIF.


2009-03-21, 03:28
You have to uppgrade to 7.3.3

See release note here:


These bugs have been fixed:

NB! files with bitrates <64kbps will still crash avoid that

2009-03-21, 15:36
Thanks for the help! =)

2009-03-21, 15:59
Slight correction. Files < 64k won't crash, they will just fail with an error.