View Full Version : More On 5.1.XX Woes

Kenneth Watt
2004-05-18, 00:37
> scanning my library is around 43M. Doing the math it is possible that
> your
> memory needs are something on the order of 1 GB of memory. I suspect that
> you are thrashing and your swap file is getting overloaded.

That seems logical and ties to what I'm actually seeing here, I may well
just get another memory stick and see if that cures it. In fact I have one I
can use to test it, I just need time to stick it in the box.

> You should setup and run the Windows Performance monitor before starting
> up
> the Slimserver. Have it looking at CPU, memory utilization and commit
> charge. Then start up the Slimserver and let the Performance Monitor run
> until things start to go into the toilet. Save the output from the
> monitor
> and you can post it here as a file attachment to your email, or you can
> email it directly to me or others. I would love to see how your machine
> is
> actually handling the performance aspect of such a massive library.

I'll see what I can do with it. I do run Task Manager obviously but I've not
used the performance monitor, is that a Windows component? Is it just screen
grabs you want or the data?