View Full Version : More On 5.1.XX Woes

Kenneth Watt
2004-05-18, 00:31
> As there is every intention of making a new official release soon, it will
> help
> a great deal to have every bit of input possible on the current nightly
> builds.
> This way, 5.2 can really be the latest and greatest. I do testing on both
> Linux
> and Windows, using iTunes, Moodlogic and raw scans, but I dont have access
> to
> 100,000 songs, or the time to try every possible feature under all
> conditions.
> There are several others on this list who ride the crest of the wave, but
> having
> one of the largest libraries I have know about makes your input very
> useful.

Okay, 5.1.1 doesn't like it either, it has also barfed with the same error,
basically Doze runs out of puff.

Interestingly when I came down this morning it was still sitting with the
Slim Server startup screen from 8 hours ago and Windows decided to stop the
service, the players were blank. On restarting, it again sits at the startup
screen but appears to have forgotten all the settings I had entered, like
player names etc. as well as the formatting options.

I'll get the nightly when I get home later from work and try that as I
suspect that this version will fail.