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2009-03-19, 15:09
I have after a lot of nagging here decided to get a router and connect my server-PC to it and connect wirelessly to it with my Transporter and Controller.

What I was wondering about is this:

I use my other PC for ripping and the server will be standing in another room without peripherals. Is it possible somehow to connect to it through the wireless router and to put newly ripped .flacs into the squeezecenter folder so that I can add music with less hassle?

2009-03-19, 16:04
Sure - you just need to create a share of some type. What OS are you running on the server & PC? I have a Remote Desktop connection from my Vista laptop to my XP server, but have it set up the other way with the share on the laptop. My server is next to my workspace so I use to rip as well, but control it all from the laptop.

If they are both windows based you will need to set up the server to allow file sharing and then map it using Windows Explorer from the PC.

Here's a link to Microsoft's explanation for XP -

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2009-03-19, 23:08
XP Pro on server, Vista Home on laptop.

2009-03-24, 10:22
Been out of town, sorry for the slow response. Since you're using Windows the link in my earlier response explains setting up the share better than I could :) Did you have a chance to take a look and did it help?


2009-03-24, 21:47
If possible make you server hardwired to your router. Wireless -> router -> wireless -> transporter can cause problem. Try to only have one wireless hop.