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2009-03-19, 08:03
That Napster music cannot be listed Album on the Squeezebox is proving a bit of a nuisance. Andy has informed us that Napster have chosen to only use Genre, Artist, Paylist as the basic music sorting options and that is what we are stuck with.

I've contacted Napster to ask them if by-Album can be included. The reply was initially that they used to have a by-Album option but removed it (!?). When I enquired further I was told that I should contact my device manufacturer regards menus etc. Full circle.

If you have a Napster subscription, and you too wish there was a by-Album option, perhaps you could join me in trying to persuade Napster to include it. A barrage of emails might do it. I get the feeling I'm a lone voice just now.


2009-03-19, 08:09
Hehe yeah, sorry there is no album listing. The Napster API is too limited for me to be able to add it myself.

2009-04-13, 16:18
Agreed, Listing by album would be useful. Can't understand why it was removed. This wasn't an issue for me until I started adding a few compilation CDs which has resulted in multiple artists being added which greatly clutters the 'artists' listing.

What would be good would be the ability to add compilations to the napster library under something like 'various artists', (as done in the music library within squeezecenter).

Access to the vast music library of Napster via the squeezeboxes is a great feature - but the interface could definitely do with a little refinement.

2009-04-14, 06:00
An alternative would be to enable SB to play DRM tracks downloaded from Napster. This would mean the tracks/albums etc would appear in the music library as normal but (more importantly for me) would also mean we'd get better quality 192 vs 128Kbits.

Any chance of this?