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2004-05-17, 15:19
Are you sure that this is a switch and not a hub? What is the model #? A
quick look on one of the ports on that box with ethereal might show you
exactly what it is doing that is causing the problem (jabbers, CRCs,
broadcasts, etc).

I recently bought a 5 port "blue" netgear 10/100 switch off of eBay shipped
to my door for $22 so you can probably replace the problem child pretty

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Jack Coates (jack (AT) monkeynoodle (DOT) org) wrote:
> those of you who've been on the list for a year or so may remember my
> problems with skipping music? The problems went away when I replaced
> my silver plastic NetGear switch with an older blue metal model.
> I recently had to put the silver plastic one back in the network for
> more ports. After about a week, my music has begun skipping. The best
> thing is that the silver netgear isn't between the slimp3 and the
> server at all, just on the same bus.

What's the model number, and is it running the latest firmware?