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2009-03-18, 07:37
I'm in the process of deciding between the sonos OR squeezecenter solution for my home, I wonder if you might be able to answer a question on creating playlists.

I currently use foobar on a Win XP PC to play my music. One of the great things about it is you can browse your (large) music collection very quickly and easily knock up a playlist of 4 or 5 albums. So lets assume you've created an "on the fly playlist" but after listening for a while you really want to "slot in" another track or two from your library. You want this new track(s) to play right after the currently playing track whilst keeping the rest of the now playing playlist in order. In foobar (and most other software media players) you simply drag the song from your library and drop it just below the currently playing song and voila your done.

I've installed the sqeezecenter on my pc and tried creating playlists in both the web interface and using the "softsqueeze" player. Both seem to be restricted to only adding tracks to the end of the current playlist. Is there anyway to achieve what I'm suggesting?

2009-03-18, 07:47
On a real SB, you can add a track to play immediately after the currently playing track by browsing to the track, then pressing and *holding* the "+" button for about 2-3 seconds. This works on all IR remotes and the SB Duet Controller. Note that you have to be browsing in your library -- not the current playlist -- for this to work.

I don't know if it will work with SoftSqueeze because I imagine it's tricky to emulate the press-and-hold action with a software SB. Give it a try and see, but it definitely works with the hardware remotes.

2009-03-18, 07:48
With the remote (or the Duet Controller), you press and hold the + button to add a track to play next. A press-and-release of the + adds the track to the end of the current playlist; press-and-hold (for a couple of seconds) adds the track to play next.

Aubuti was quicker (again!). :)

Charlie Mac Prabs
2009-03-18, 07:49
You can use the plugin PlayList Manager
makes this possible



2009-03-18, 07:54
In the Squeezecenter web interface you can move items in the playlist around by dragging and dropping them. It can only be done once the item is in the playlist, but you just hover over it so it's highlighted and drag it to the position you want.

2009-03-18, 08:21
Well done guys totally appreciate the speedy, friendly (and effective!) advice. I can confirm that a track can be added to the "next" slot in a current playlist by holding down the plus button for a couple of seconds. Only a another couple of questions to go and its Squeeze 1 Sonos NIL

2009-03-18, 08:22
I've never really liked the web gui for playlist management and on the fly changes of mind.
Recently I've been using Moose for this as its much nicer to look at and way easier to fiddle with playlists on the fly.

Set a moose loose aboot yer hoose.

2009-03-21, 17:51
Thanks for the Moose tip! Great program!