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Kevin Walsh
2004-05-17, 15:23
Kenneth Watt [kwatt (AT) funkycool (DOT) co.uk] wrote:
> Now, I decided to upgrade it but was short on info (sorry Dean) but I was
> running 5.1.5 but I spotted the discussion about moving to the "nightly
> fixes" which, frankly, is scary. Is it *that* flaky that it has to undergo
> daily fixes and patching? Maybe no-one else will ask, but I feel I have
> to ask that question.
The daily "fixes and patches" are as much a result of constant development
as they are for actual bug fixes. The SlimServer core doesn't remain
static and new features are added all the time.

To counteract this, I would advise that the main (head) CVS trunk be
used for development, and that periodic branches be created for stable
versions. If a bug is found and fixed in the CVS head, it could also
be merged into the current stable branch. Releases and windows builds
could be made from the current stable branch. "Stable," in this context
would mean "bug fixes only."

I run my SlimServer on Linux and update the installation daily from CVS.
The SlimServer happily runs from the CVS hierarchy without having to
perform an "installation" step every time, which is a bonus.

I have found the SlimServer to be extremely stable, and only keep it up
to date daily because I like playing with the new features that are
added all the time. I can only speak for my Linux installation here;
MS Windows users should be used to bugs, crashes and daily reboots
anyway. :-)

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