View Full Version : SqueezeSlave Error: "libmad: (mp3) decoding error (0x0235)"

2009-03-16, 19:05
I keep getting this error "libmad: (mp3) decoding error (0x0235)" repeatedly when playing some internet radio streams. No sound plays at all. Anyone have an idea why?

Thanks in advance,

2009-03-17, 03:43
This error is caused when a frame's main_data_begin pointer points
beyond the available bit reservoir. This can occur if, e.g., the stream
has been cut or spliced.

When this error occurs, the frame cannot be decoded.

It's most likely the radio station mucking with the stream, It's not a problem with squeezeslave. Could also be the stream in not at 44.1Khz, which is the only sample rate squeezeslave will play properly. Anything else needs to be ressampled.