View Full Version : SB3 analogue output filled with noise

2009-03-16, 13:32
I am using an SB3 as alarm clock in our bedroom. I have a pair of old pc loudspeakers that is connected to the analogue output. This a has worked without any problems until this morning.
This morning we were waken with a terrible noise that came out of the speakers.
So tonight I tried to connect another pair of speakers with the same result. I tried my other SB3 with the speakers and they worked fine. If I use the digital output from the bedroom-SB3 everything is working.
So as far as I can tell the analogue output is not working correctly. Is there anything to do to make it work again?

2009-03-16, 14:00
Try a Xilinx reset (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Hardware_Reset_commands).

2009-03-17, 14:00
Thank you. That did the trick. I wonder what coursed it?