View Full Version : Scrobbling Deezer

2009-03-15, 13:59
Usually if I'm playing tracks on my Squeezebox they get scrobbled to last.fm
However, if I'm playing through Deezer, nothing get updated. Does this mean it's not possible scrobble if plying through Deezer? Or is there a setting somewhere I need to adjust?

2009-03-17, 10:32
I guess this is not possible???

2009-05-07, 02:52
It's a good question, and I've found it because I am asking the same one!

There is a 'native' scrobbler for lastfm in later versions of SC. We used to have to add a plugin but then it got bundled in.

I've only recently discovered deezer and I like it's approach. I'm finding it works beautifully with iPeng and even gives album art. Nice touch. But that's not the only good part.

I'd like to scrobble as well, but it would require a plugin to SC. In fact unless something is wrong with mine, Deezer doesnt even appear in the SC interface (yet?) so I imagine a plugin to scrobble has to come after that (but i'm just a punter and that technical stuff eludes me.

Hopefully this happens!