View Full Version : Running Squeezecenter as a service restart problems

2009-03-15, 02:17
For years, people have reported problems getting Squeezecenter running as a Windows service to restart reliably from the command line. It works fine from the Windows services GUI, but you can't script it because of the command line problem.

This may help:

* Run services.msc and open the properties for the SqueezeCenter service.
* On the Recovery tab, Set first, second and subsequent failures to Restart the Service.

In your script or from the command line:

net stop squeezemysql
taskkill /f /im squeezecenter.exe

This will force an abnormal stop of squeezecenter, while, I hope, protecting the database. So far, for me, so good.

Squeezecenter will be correctly restarted by Windows in 1 minute after you kill it (1 minute by default--you can change that too on the Recovery tab if you need Squeezecenter to stay down longer).