View Full Version : Classical.com, Mediafly and Napster now on SqueezeNetwork AND SQUEEZECENTER

2009-03-12, 17:31
We are pleased to announce exciting additions to the United States, Europe, and worldwide music services lineup available on your Squeezebox.

DEEZER now available in all EU states and Switzerland

Select SqueezeNetwork as Music Source

These services are available today for all Squeezebox players that choose SqueezeNetwork as their Music Source.

Add Classical.com, Mediafly, or Napster to SqueezeCenter 7.3.2

You can add plugins to SqueezeCenter 7.3.2 for these services. If you are running SqueezeCenter 7.3.1 or earlier, you must upgrade to 7.3.2 to add these plugins.

To add these plugins:

Open up a SqueezeCenter window.
Click on the Settings button at the bottom right corner of the window.
Click on the Advanced tab at the top right of the window.
In the upper left corner of the window, click on the upside down triangle next to the word Formatting and select Extension Downloader.
Choose the new service you want. Choose as many as you like.
Stop and restart your SqueezeCenter.
Once restarted, you'll see them listed under Music Services.


Classical.com provides the world's largest and most comprehensive specialist music service for Classical, Jazz & Blues and World music.

Music is featured from over 1,300 labels and 500,000 tracks including many of the world's greatest artists and 3,290 composers. Users can easily build playlists, enjoy sharing them and add commentaries. The advanced Recommendation engine finds recordings each individual user will love. Charts are updated daily based on recordings Classical.com users buy and play.

A 30-day free trial with 5 free MP3 192k downloads is available exclusively for Squeezebox users at:


To create a trial account, log on to your account, go to the Accounts tab, and click on the Classical.com tab.

At the end of the 30-day trial, you can choose to continue listening to Classical.com on your Squeezebox for £4, €8, or $8 per month.

Classical.com subscriptions are available to all Squeezebox users worldwide!


Mediafly delivers on-demand personalized channels of your favorite shows and podcasts from around the world. Your shows are delivered on-demand so you listen to what you want, when you want it.

Listen to your favorite TV and radio shows from the major networks… or discover fresh, new shows on every topic imaginable. Whether you want news, business, sports, comedy, celebrity gossip, science, learning a foreign language, politics, or more, you can find it with Mediafly.

Start with the popular channels which will automatically personalize to you based upon what you listen to -- no account sign up necessary.

Or, take control of your channels by linking your player to a free Mediafly account and choose exactly which channels and shows you want. To link your player and start personalizing your channels,visit

www.mediafly.com/DigitalLifestyle -- it’s easy and free!

Mediafly content is available to all Squeezebox users worldwide!


With Napster you can play unlimited music, on-demand, from any internet-connected computer. Choose from over 7 million songs from all major labels and thousands of independents.

Play your favorite songs, albums, artists and playlists as often as you like
Find old favorites and explore new music with Napster’s playlists, new releases, Billboard charts and more

Squeezebox users can get unlimited music with Napster Free for 30 days starting February 18, 2009. Follow the directions for creating a Classical.com free trial but click on the Napster tab.

At the end of the 30-day trial, you can choose to continue listening to Napster on your Squeezebox for £14.95, €14,95, or $14.95 per month.

Napster is available in Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States.

DEEZER Available in all EU Countries and Switzerland

Enjoy Free music with DEEZER. Listen to more than 30 web radios (Rock, Pop, Live, Jazz...)!

Play your favourite music with DEEZER‘s Smart Radio:

A radio based on your musical tastes.
An interactive radio: you can switch tracks if you want to.

Start enjoying DEEZER by going to


Starting today, Deezer is now available in in all EU countries, and Switzerland.