View Full Version : Installing Slimserver on Woody

Tobias Lange
2004-05-16, 16:49

I'm thinking about installing Debian Woody on my Soundserver.
I'm really a newbie and I need a lot of help!

So, i have a lot of questions:
1.Can I and how do I install the slimserver on woody?
2. I bought a 3ware 7006-2 Raid-Card and want to use mirroring (1). Problems with that
under woody?
3. For some reasons, I want to keep my music on an FAT32 partition. Any problems with
that? Max size of the FAT32 partition?
4. What's about the plugins I could use under Windows? Can I use all of them?
5. What's about shutting down the server by using the remote control like I can do in
windows with xPLHal?

You see, I'm really a newbie. Please help me!