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2004-05-16, 13:23
H.323 and even TDM will survive a lot longer than most folks realize...
Primarily because large enterprises need a level of features and reliability
that SIP is several years away from supporting.

Additionally as the enterprise moves more to voice over IP, the network
folks (regional bell operating companies) will have to recover the lost TDM
and long distance revenue somehow, which likely means much higher rates for
data lines.

All of this is a rather hot topic in the Telecom industry right now.

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Jason [jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net] wrote:
> > Would the Geek Connector be able to support a headset? I was
> > thinking about getting a PDA for my bedside for running Skype, but
> > then I got thinking that it would be cool if the Squeezebox could
> > have some VoIP capabilities.
> >
> As someone who supports SIP and H.323 VOIP gear for a living, I can
> tell you that this is a much larger task (turning the squeezebox into
> a SIP telephony endpoint) then you probably realize. I am also
> skeptical that the hardware could even support this type of
> functionality.
Just do what I do: Install the Asterisk PBX and then use your ordinary
phone(s) to dial and receive both standard and VoIP calls. I have two
portable analogue phones, connected to a Sipura SPA-2000, and a Cisco 7960G
IP phone.

In theory, the players could be "dialled into", as individual or group
extensions, to create some sort of Tannoy-style announcement system.
This would require some custom software, of course, and wouldn't be a
project that could be completed over the course of a weekend.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with VoIP/SlimServer convergence any further
than a Caller*ID display and, perhaps, dial-initiation from a phonebook
plug-in. Of course, if someone does bother then I'd like to see the
results. :-)

By the way, I've never bothered with sk(h)ype; it uses its own closed and
proprietary protocol that's unlikely to survive in the face of open
protocols, such as SIP and IAX. Even the once-mighty H.323 is on its way

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