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2009-03-09, 23:24
Hey everyone,
I hope someone can help me with my issue. I am a network engineer/software developer and cannot figure this problem out.

Here is my setup:
--Cisco 851W router (DHCP enabled)
--Duet controller
--2 SB receivers (Setup both wireless)
--SB3 (Hardwired)
--Server with static IP set (Hardwired)

When I installed the 2nd receiver (had to use Net-UDAP and was the ONLY way i could configure it...not sure why?!?!) and the controller is powered on, the 2nd receiver will get stuck with the blue light (acquires an IP but cannot find the squeezecenter server). It will never connect to squeezecenter and the duet controller cannot see the player.

Powering the duet controller off and power cycling the 2nd receiver allows the receiver to connect (and display the white light). Then powering on the controller allows everything to work and the duet controller sees the 2nd receiver.

Can anyone explain this? Does this happen to anyone else?



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Today after playing with it more it seems to not be happening at all. Maybe this could have been caused by a weak wireless signal to the receiver or by interference from the duet remote itself? When I was seeing this problem the remote and charging dock were only 6-8 inches from the receiver. Now the receiver is upstairs and the remote is down and I see no more issues with the "stuck blue light". EVERYTHING IS WORKING GREAT!!! I love my squeezebox!
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Well back to square one.....the 2nd receiver is back to blue and stuck there.....cannot get it to turn white. This has to be a bug of some sort. I see nothing in the logs anywhere....anyone else have this issue or am I the only one?
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2009-03-10, 07:14

Out of curiosity, have you given the receivers unique names? Not sure if this make a dang bit of difference, however, if they have unique IP's, not sure why they would only work one at a time.

I'm only running one receiver now, should have two more later this week to play with.


2009-03-10, 07:23
Hey Jeff,
Yep....once I got them both connected I assigned them unique names in squeezecenter settings. One labeled "Kitchen" the other "Office". Question...should the controller be showing up in squeezecenter settings information?

Once you get your additional recievers let me know if you have similar troubles (setting them up as well...I had to use Net-UDAP as the controller failed). I am really at wits end.


2009-03-10, 20:36
Issue seems to be resolved....see my update in the first post.

2009-03-14, 15:18
I am still having issues....did you get a chance to test things?