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Kevin Walsh
2004-05-16, 12:42
Jason [jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net] wrote:
> > Would the Geek Connector be able to support a headset? I was thinking
> > about getting a PDA for my bedside for running Skype, but then I got
> > thinking that it would be cool if the Squeezebox could have some VoIP
> > capabilities.
> >
> As someone who supports SIP and H.323 VOIP gear for a living, I can
> tell you that this is a much larger task (turning the squeezebox into
> a SIP telephony endpoint) then you probably realize. I am also
> skeptical that the hardware could even support this type of
> functionality.
Just do what I do: Install the Asterisk PBX and then use your ordinary
phone(s) to dial and receive both standard and VoIP calls. I have two
portable analogue phones, connected to a Sipura SPA-2000, and a Cisco
7960G IP phone.

In theory, the players could be "dialled into", as individual or group
extensions, to create some sort of Tannoy-style announcement system.
This would require some custom software, of course, and wouldn't be
a project that could be completed over the course of a weekend.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with VoIP/SlimServer convergence any
further than a Caller*ID display and, perhaps, dial-initiation from
a phonebook plug-in. Of course, if someone does bother then I'd
like to see the results. :-)

By the way, I've never bothered with sk(h)ype; it uses its own closed
and proprietary protocol that's unlikely to survive in the face of open
protocols, such as SIP and IAX. Even the once-mighty H.323 is on its
way out.

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