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2004-05-16, 10:49
Hi Ram

As long as you only need/want to write to the i2c
bus you're fine. Reading from i2c and other things
are still missing but I'm sure they're on Seans
do to list.


--- ramb (AT) sonic (DOT) net wrote:
> Some time back there were some messages about
> getting the geek
> connector working, has any progress been made on
> that? I am thinking
> about buying a second squeezebox and a working geek
> connector would
> make it easy to justify purchasing another box.
> The reason I want the geek connector is that my
> stereo/receiver has a
> serial port on it that can be used to control the
> amp. I also have a
> few other devices I could control with the I2C
> connector...
> Thanks for any info.
> -Ram