View Full Version : choosing shoutcast via web interface?

Eric Gauthier
2004-05-16, 07:11
Not the real answer, but recently played Shoutcast streams are stored with
the Playlists, so you can get them via the web there. Unfortunately, the
URLs aren't very descriptive.


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>The only way I can find to start playing Shoutcast Internet
>Radio on the squeezebox is via the remote control. Is it
>possible to do it from the web interface? I see this in the docs:
> To play an Internet Radio station, simply save an .m3u or .pls
> playlist file containing the URL of the station in your Saved
> Playlists folder. You can download these files by right-clicking on
> the links at most streaming radio web sites.
>But this doesn't explain how to actually get the playlist file
>into the Saved Playlists folder (is this some Windows/Mac
>folder thing which us Linux users don't have?)
>Nor does it explain how to browse through the same list of
>radio channels which are available on the Squeezebox via the remote.