View Full Version : Key length WPA2 on SB3

2009-03-08, 05:34

I'm trying to configure my SB3 to my wireless network. D-Link Dir635 router.
When chosing the pre shared key for WPA encryption on the router, it gives me a 64 characters key.
On my SB3 there is only space for 63 characters.

Any ideas for a soution?


2009-03-08, 08:22
I use WPA2 on my DIR-655 (TKIP and AES), and assign my own key which is 8 characters.

Do you not have the option to assign your own key?

2009-03-08, 08:49
WPA keys can be represented as either a string of 64 hex characters or a passphrase of 8-63 ASCII characters. Most devices use the latter representation, and the SB will only accept that form. I just looked at the dir-635 emulator and it certainly looks as if you can enter your own passphrase (on the wireless settings page)