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2009-03-08, 02:02
Toshiba Lap Top Equium A200 running Windows Vista Home Edition.
Dell Dimension 9200 PC running Windows vista Ultimate.
Netgear DG834 Wireless ADSL Router.

Sorry if this is O.T., but I have a rather strange network problem. I can no longer access my Dell PC via my Toshiba Lap Top, BUT I CAN still access the SqueezeCentre web interface on my Lap Top!!!!! Squeeze Centre runs on my Dell PC.

I can access and see Lap Top drive C from my Dell PC.

I cannot PING my Lap Top from my Dell PC.

But I CAN PING my Dell PC from Lap Top.

2 days ago I replaced McAffee Security with Norton 360 on my Dell PC. I did this because I was having problems running SqueezeCentre. McAffee was causing the SC web interface problems, and I was unable to configure the McAffee software. Since switching to Norton 360, SqueezeCentre web interface is working fine.

My Transporter is working fine.

My Lap Top & Dell PC are able to access the Internet without any problems, and the SqueezeCentre web interface works fine on BOTH Dell PC and Lap Top.

I would have thought if my lap Top was not connecting to my Dell PC then the SC web interface would not run properly on it.

2009-03-08, 02:54
I have tried turning off my Firewall in Norton 360, and my Lap Top will connect to the network with my Firewall switched off.

When I switched Firewall back on again, I LOST the network connection. So it must be something to do with the Firewall. I have checked the Firewall settings but I cannot see what could be causing this to happen.

Any ideas?

2009-03-11, 06:02
Well... there's something going on with your firewall - and possibly the laptop address has changed.
I'd suggest setting both laptop and PC so they're always at the same address when in your home. For the PC, seeing as it's not going anywhere, you can use control panel / network and just assign an address. For the laptop (and optionally, for the PC) use the DHCP server in your (hardware) firewall so each always has the same address.
Use ipconfig to make sure address assignments are what you expect, and ping to make sure that each machine is looking for the other at the correct address.
Consider assigning your squeezebox/transporter(s) static addresses the same way.

Now... in your software firewall(s) on each machine, make sure that all those (other) static addresses are trusted, have windows file access (might be called SMB or "windows networking").

[more advanced - ignore if it sounds like gibberish]
Contra-wise, you might just give the entire network block permissions, but if you're using the standard class C non-routing block (192.168.0-1.N) that's IMHO a bad idea for your laptop (you'll have given permissions to almost every machine in any wireless network you connect to that's using a router with it's "default" settings). Fine for your PC, of course.
If your hardware firewall's DHCP server allows it, I'd suggest using a different NR block. Maybe 10.NN.NN.NN or 172.16-31.NN.NN. In both cases use 24 bit (class C) masking (will look like or /24 depending on the firewall). In my experience, you're particularly unlikely to run into a wireless network mapped to 172.16.17-30.NN.NN (and only slightly more likely to see 192.168.10-255) - and that'd make block permissions OK on your laptop. BTW & IMHO they're unused because most folks don't "get" non-whole-integer bit masking.