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2009-03-07, 20:11
Hi Guys,
Just got a squezze box yesterday and its completly changed the way my life works...

Previously i've had a FM transmitter hooked upto my PC and had radios around the house tuned in. I've upgraded that to a 2.4GHz AV sender, which generally works well, but is suseptible to microwave interferance and other interference.

And figured a squeeze box would be a good way to get around all these things.

But now i've got it I'm using the Squeeze Center and of course its not in sync with Winamp that i use to get audio every where else.

From looking around the forums it seems people are using winamp to look at squeeze center to play music remotly on other pc's.
But what about going the other way ?

Can i use Winamp in place of Squeeze Center ??

2009-03-08, 00:03
the Squeezebox won't connect to the Winamp Software. Only Squeezecenter or Squeezenetwork is possible.
What is your aim in doing so? You want to play Music from Winamp on your SB and simultanously on your other Radios via the Transmitter too?

What yo can do is using the WaveInput (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/WaveInput_plugin) Plugin for your SB. Just install it in Squeezecenter and you wil hear the Soundcard output of your PC on your SB. But I assume that it won't be synchronous on all radios.

2009-03-09, 02:36
Thanks Th80,

I'm trying to get the old set up, but with the bonus of having a display and control in the bedroom.

I've always got music playing in the house, 24/7. Its nice to walk from room to room and not have to worry aboout the spill of audio from one room to the next being a different program.

It looks like maybe I should replace winamp with the squeezebox software player thing ?

2009-03-09, 03:13
So i've tried the Softsqueeze and while it gives me the functionality of what I want, it doesnt give me the feel of what I'm used to.
Is there some software like the Softsqueeze that will look more like what I'm used to ?

I've got winamp set up with the album art beside the maine player window and a playlist window underneath that shows 30 songs, and i can easily scroll back and forth thru 14000 songs and drag files into the play list, like a whole album, move songs i'm not in the mood for out of the way etc etc.

2009-03-09, 07:58
I'm not sure if this will give you what you are looking for, by you can control softsqueeze via the squeezecenter web page just like you can a hardware player. You can also control it with squeezeplay, which is a PC app that emulates the controller.