View Full Version : Strange playback freezes

Brian Ritchie
2009-03-07, 18:25
I've just had something go awry with my network, but can't get to the bottom of it: my Transporter suddenly stopped playing for a few seconds at a time, sometimes showing the "Rebuffering..." message, but all the things I usually check show no signs of stress. The server's monitor doesn't show any unusual CPU activity, there are no frantic disc thrashing noises, there's nothing in the SC server log (though I only have the default logging settings), and the signal strength reported for the Transporter hasn't dropped below 93%. Even looking at the server during several dropouts, there was no evidence of any stress.

However, my wife noticed that the network speed reported by our laptop had dropped - at one point down to 24Mbps (yet the T's strength still says 93%+). High signal strength but low speed - what could that mean? No sign of any competing networks; and at this time of night (12:45am) it's hard to imagine any other kind of interference. We turn off the router each night, so it's not as if it's been running for ages and so might need a restart.

All of this happened for about 10 minutes, about 30 minutes ago. Since then, all's been well, even though the laptop's reported speed has been up and down like a thing that goes up and down a lot.

Sigh. Wireless networks can be *so* frustrating! Some days I think that it wouldn't be all that bad to have ethernet cable trailing down the stairs...

-- Brian