View Full Version : Various Artists: Is this the intended behavior?

2009-03-06, 21:23
When I navigate on my SB3 to a specific genre, and within that to Various Artists, it brings up all the Various Artists albums I have, not just the ones in the genre I selected.
On the screen it displays:

'selected genre'/Various Artists 1 of 139
'Title of my first Various Artists album'

but the first Various Artist album I have has nothing to do with the genre I picked and the 139 is the total of albums I have in the Various Artists, of which only one is in the selected genre.

Is this the intended behavior? I am fairly sure that is wasn't always like this. I use SqueezeCenter from Slimserver 5.x versions.

Details: SqueezeCenter 7.3.2 on Ubuntu 7.10 and feeds my SB3 over wireless connection. Everything works fine except this quirk.

2009-03-06, 22:04
settings -> music library -> Filter genres at the album & track level.

2009-03-07, 07:07
This is it!
not sure when I changed this setting, or whether an update to Squeezecenter came with this set as default, but now I know.
Thanks a lot for helping!
Good listening, Lleo_