View Full Version : CustomBrowse for file types (FLAC, MP3, ...) possible?

2009-03-06, 18:34
Would it (easily) be possible to use CustomBrowse as a "filter" for file types?

I have a mixed collection: Many MP3s still, many FLAC, and some "odd" file types like leftover OGG, WMA, and some WavPack files (for testing).

Could I use Erland's CustomBrowse to "filter by type"? I.e., I would browse by FLAC and only see FLAC albums/artists/... or browse by WavPack, WMA, etc?

This would be a great feature to easily find files that have to go (test files, or MP3s that have to be re-ripped as FLAC [sigh]); or find only the FLAC versions of albums I have as FLAC and MP3. (For the old dumb SAM Broadcaster that doesn't understand FLAC ... really have to switch to mAirList soon ...)

2009-03-06, 19:10
Yes it's possible.

There are two solutions:

1. Customize the SQL manually for a Custom Browse menu, I don't think there is a predefined template for filtering by file type. You want to filter on the tracks.content_type column.

2. Install Multi Library plugin which makes it possible to create a virtual library for each file type, you can then connect Custom Browse menus to that virtual library.

2009-03-06, 19:33
If only the day had 48 hours ;-) Guess I'll really have to play around with CustomBrowse, apart from testing/fixing SC, ripping/tagging music, preparing broadcasts, looking for a new job … phew!

Thanks for the hints, Erland! Guess I try to keep it as simple as possible (no extra plugins) and learn how to make menus and modify the CB SQL. One of the days…