View Full Version : choosing shoutcast via web interface?

Adam Spiers
2004-05-16, 03:48
The only way I can find to start playing Shoutcast Internet Radio on
the squeezebox is via the remote control. Is it possible to do it
from the web interface? I see this in the docs:

To play an Internet Radio station, simply save an .m3u or .pls
playlist file containing the URL of the station in your Saved
Playlists folder. You can download these files by right-clicking on
the links at most streaming radio web sites.

But this doesn't explain how to actually get the playlist file into
the Saved Playlists folder (is this some Windows/Mac folder thing
which us Linux users don't have?)

Nor does it explain how to browse through the same list of radio
channels which are available on the Squeezebox via the remote.


2004-05-16, 04:12
Would the Geek Connector be able to support a headset? I was thinking
about getting a PDA for my bedside for running Skype, but then I got
thinking that it would be cool if the Squeezebox could have some VoIP


Peter Heslin
2004-05-18, 05:28
On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 10:11:12AM -0400, Eric Gauthier wrote:
> Not the real answer, but recently played Shoutcast streams are stored with
> the Playlists, so you can get them via the web there. Unfortunately, the
> URLs aren't very descriptive.

What do you mean by not "very descriptive"? When I view the recently
played Shoutcast streams via the web interface, I see exactly the same
info you get on the client: The full name of the stream with the
bitrate prefixed.


Peter Heslin
2004-05-21, 03:48
On Tue, May 18, 2004 at 10:28:05AM -0400, Eric Gauthier wrote:
> Thanks, what I was referring to was the list that is directly under the
> client of each "ShoutcastBrowser Recently Played". You are right, I didn't
> realize it, but if you drill down on each entry in the client's playlist,
> then you get the detailed information, but that can be a very long list.
> For example, the first hyperlink in my list is Virgin Radio, but it is
> listed as (in text, not a URL, the actual underlying HREF is the second one
> below).
> http://www.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=7546&filename=playli
> st.pls
> But the underlying URL is actually another slimserver playlist:

Sorry for the belated reply.

At first, I had no idea what you were talking about, since I thought
all of my Recently Played playlists were normal, and did not have
these funny URL entries. Then I noticed that at the end of one of my
client's playlists, there were three weird entries just like the ones
you described.

I checked the contents of the file, which are normal, and so I
suspect this is not a bug in my plugin, but is an old bug in Info.pm
that I have run into before. It caused the names associated with
stream URLs occasionally to be deleted in the cache, since they were
wrongly deemed to be "invalid".

I reloaded the suspect playlist in the web browser a few times, and
bingo! the URLs were gone and the names were back (having been re-read
from the .m3u file). I predict that you will be able to fix your
problem by wiping the cache and reloading the playlist in your web
browser. If that fixes it, then this is an old Info.pm bug (which may
have been fixed in the current release of the server by now, for all I