View Full Version : complete list of SC changes broken?

2009-03-06, 16:16
i just wanted to check what has changed since SC 7.2 (i know - i am running ancient software! ;-).

but the link http://svn.slimdevices.com/7.3/tags/7.3.2/server/Changelog7.html?view=co

to the changes (it is the one in http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Release_Notes) only gives a 404 file not found?

the same btw for the other versions as well.

i guess since mvalera (webmonkey) left logitech/slimdevices, the new webmaster has to get acquainted, yes? ;-)

2009-03-06, 16:28

(ie, insert the word 'slim' in the path.)

Prolly nada to do with Mike, more like an update to svn a couple weeks ago.