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2009-03-05, 13:35
Oh my gosh...

My Squeezebox has been running perfectly for ages. It was set to start as a Windows XP service and always started when I booted the computer or came back from Hibernate. Even WoL worked perfectly (and I could even hibernate using the Server Power Control plugin).

I've put off upgrading since (I think) 7.0 as I know that I've had a few problems in the past and everything was ok. Then, last night, I tried to use Alien BBC and realised that I needed an update. Of course, this also meant updating Squeezecenter.

I took the plunge, knowing that I'd need updated plugins. After learning a few new features, I appeared to have Squeezecenter 7.3.2 up-and-running with all of the plugins I needed (including the pop3 email reader which I had to reconfigure manually). I was quite chuffed. I put the PC into Hibernate mode and went to bed.

This morning, I took the PC out of Hibernate mode but my Squeezebox didn't reconnect. I reconfigured SC to start 'when I log on' and back to being a service. The same happened when I went into and out of Hibernation again. Then I discovered that Server Power Control just leaves the computer on and does something odd to SC so that 'Extras' is displayed on my SB3.

I have since, uninstalled and reinstalled SC, I have rebooted the PC many times. Quite often the service won't start (and the logs tell me that "There is already another copy of the SqueezeCenter running on this machine" - it doesn't show up in Task Manager (under any user).

I'm at wits end now and, as usual, I'm regretting the upgrade. It always causes problems!

Is there something that stops the current version of SC coming back to life after hibernation? Why the warning about multiple instances of SC running?

Any guidance would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,


edit... it is now working when coming out of hibernate. I have tinkered with the PowerControl plugin. Now it won't stay hibernated. That is a question for elsewhere though. Thanks.