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2009-03-04, 16:31
I have 2 Duest and love them!!! Now Im on to thinking about the same thing but for movies.
Is there similar versions that will allow me to b/up my movies and then stream them. if so at what quality.

I was looking at a new product by western digital WDTV which allow you to hook up an external hard drive to this media box and then hdmi 1080p to a screen

wifi or ethernet would be better for various rooms

Just thought this may be a place to ask


2009-03-04, 17:21
I have not used it, but the Popcorn Hour seems to be discussed a lot in many of the forums I visit. I think there was even a thread here about it not long ago.

2009-03-04, 18:27
I'm not familiar with the Duet but I think the PS3 can do what you're looking for - I have one next to my SB3 - I use the playstation for streaming web video, streaming HD/SD content, and playing blu ray discs. Oh and you can play games too.... I use PlayOn to stream Hulu, ESPN, etc to the TV and PS3 Media server to stream locally stored content from a windows server box. Works great..... if you want the media stored locally, the server software lets you copy the media to the PS3 instead of playing it.

2009-03-04, 21:40
I use xbox media center (XBMC) it runs on almost any platform. Xbox, windows, OSX, AppleTV, and Linux. I run it on an old xbox that cost me $30. It works great. I just keep all my movies on my VoretxBox. I have been working on Auto Ripping of DVDs. It's not automatic yet but VortexBox will rip DVDs in manual mode.

2009-03-06, 12:52
Another vote for popcorn hour, but I think the choice of movie player still comes down to where you expect to get movies from, and where you think you'll get them in the future.
There's no equivalent of MP3 or FLAC, you either rip your movie from the encrypted form it comes in or you buy a box that's specific for that encryption.
Popcorn hour reads Xvid/Divx (mostly), DVD (iso and vosub) and h.264. If you can get movies in these formats, I think Popcorn Hour or a similar Sybas player is the easiest to use solution out of the box.