View Full Version : TWiT.am doesn't play on controller

2009-03-04, 12:52
Hello all,

I'm trying to stream the TWiT live audio stream to my controller.


I can stream no problem to softsqueeze, SB2 or SB3 units. But no dice on the controller audio playback. Every time I try, the controller starts to buffer, then reboots. I realize playback on the controller is still beta, but I'm wondering if anyone else can confirm what I'm seeing here?

Running latest 7.3.3 nightly, WinXP Pro

Thanks for your time


2010-06-13, 13:55
I was having a similar problem getting TWiT.am to play on my original SliMP3s. It turns out that TWiT streams at a sample rate of 32000Hz and 56kps, which my Squeezebox2 can handle, but SliMP3s choke on. I don't know if the Controller has similar limitations.

I added the following to my custom-convert.conf file:

mp3 mp3 slimp3 *
[lame] --mp3input --resample 48000 --silent -q $QUALITY$ --abr $BITRATE$ $FILE$ -
Now it plays just fine in all my players and can also be synced between SB2 and SliMP3s.

I know this is a little late, but thought it might be useful if anyone is searching for an answer to a similar problem.