View Full Version : Beginning of songs chopped off and unable to seek with5.1.6 on Windows

Bill Waldron
2004-05-15, 09:43
Bob Villielm wrote:
> Steve Martin wrote:
>> Looks like you have fixed the problem! Thank you :)
>> On 14 May 2004, at 5:06 pm, dean blackketter wrote:
>>> I got the S/PDIF analyser from Sean, and I'm working on this today.
>>> On May 13, 2004, at 5:40 PM, Larry Truesdale wrote:
> Just tried the 15 May nightly, still missing beginnings here.
> Which nightly are you using, Steve?

Same here with latest nightly. Song beginnings still chopped off using
optical input to my Onkyo receiver.

Bill Waldron