View Full Version : Last FM Sweden?

2009-03-03, 06:42
I just bought a Squeezebox Duet, mainly because of the possibility to listen to Last.FM on my stereo system. But when I installed the product and wantet do try it out I realized, to my horror, that Last.FM does not work on Squeezeboxes outside US/UK.

They are working on increasing compability to other countries. Does anyone know when this is predicted to happen?

Is it legal for the swedish webside market the product as being compadible with Last.FM when it is not? I even got vouchers in the product box that encouraged me to start using Last.FM on my new Squeezebox!

The support wouldn't help me, they had not even heard of Last.FM and could not give me a phone number or email adress to someone who knows anything about it.

2009-03-03, 06:57
Logon to Squeezenetwork and change your country to Germany and restart Squeezecenter.

I did this today and it worked.

2009-03-03, 07:01
or try SqueezeScrobbler


2009-03-03, 08:10
Thank you, SqueezeScrobbler works perfectly! You can't imagine how happy I am :D

2009-03-03, 11:47
Great Britain as "country" would also do.
Gives you last FM and Deezer afiak.

I can also see Napster, Classical and Media Fly I have not tried them yet no idea if can use them from sweden.