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2009-03-01, 09:29
I am a newcommer to these forums and I have only just set up my squeezebox classic which is working absolutely fine, this question must have been asked before, but is it possible to access music from 2 other computers on my wireless network? If so how do I set it up?

2009-03-01, 10:32
What operating system do you use?

In Windows you can just right click a folder and share it. Make sure your computers are in the same workgroup (I guess you don't have a DC or AD) and that your username/passwords match.

2009-03-01, 10:48
The computer with most of my music on, is also the one with sqeezebox software on, is using XP, the other 2 machines are Vista, what I don't understand is whether from the sqeezebox software on the XP machine I can access the other computers, if so how do I do it?

2009-03-01, 11:36
After you have SC up and running on your main computer, open your browser on the remote computer and type in the server IP address followed by a colon and the server port number (probably 9000, unless you changed it). The URL will look something like this:


2009-03-01, 14:07
First make sure the music folders on your 2 Vista computers are shared. Then you would create shortcuts to those folders inside the music folders on the XP machine. Then you'd need to do a scan for new and changed music. However, you would need all the computers with music to be on during SqueezeCenter scans and anytime you want to play the music from them. IMO, it would be better to consolidate all the music on to the one computer with SC running.

2009-03-01, 22:01
I'm confused :)
Does the OP just want to control SC from multiple computers or access the files directly?