View Full Version : Custum Scan seems to crash squeezecenter

2009-03-01, 09:22
I have some problems with Custom Scan I don't really understand why... I tried to make some trackstat playlists with custom scan, but since I tried that squeezecenter crashes after restarting, according to the log file because my Nas (DS209+, 500MB ram) is out of memory. If I delete customscan from the installedplugins dir, the problem is over.

See log file below:
57263: Out of memory!
57262: [09-03-01 13:05:50.2922] Plugins::CustomScan::Scanner::refreshData (1954) CustomScan: Synchronization finished
57261: [09-03-01 13:05:30.1920] Plugins::CustomScan::Scanner::refreshData (1725) CustomScan: Synchronizing Custom Scan data, please wait...
57260: [09-03-01 13:05:07 ] ssctrl SqueezeCenter started.
57259: [09-03-01 13:05:07.0094] main::init (270) Starting SqueezeCenter (v7.3.3, r24919, Sat Feb 7 03:01:49 PST 2009)
57258: [09-03-01 13:05:07.0102] main::init (270) Starting SqueezeCenter (v7.3.3, r24919, Sat Feb 7 03:01:49 PST 2009)
57257: [09-03-01 13:04:58 ] ssctrl Command line = /volume1/SSODS/sbin/start-stop-daemon --start --chuid admin --exec /volume1/SSODS/bin/perl -- /volume1/SqueezeCenter/slimserver.pl --daemon --pidfile /volume1/SqueezeCenter/Cache/squeezecenter.pid --cachedir /volume1/SqueezeCenter/Cache --logdir /volume1/SqueezeCenter/Logs --prefsdir /volume1/SqueezeCenter/prefs --noupnp
57256: [09-03-01 13:04:35 ] ssctrl Starting SqueezeCenter 7.3.3-24919.

Thanks in advance for the help!


2009-03-01, 23:36
Try if disabling the startup refresh operation in Custom Scan makes it work.

If you can't start it with Custom Scan, you can manually edit the prefs/plugin/customscan.prefs file in a text editor when SqueezeCenter is stopped. You will just need to change the "startup_refresh: 1" line to "startup_refresh: 0". If you are only using Custom Scan to generate TrackStat playlists with the "TrackStat Playlist" plugin, you can do the same with the "refresh_rescan" parameter.

If this isn't the problem it would be interesting to see if removing the "TrackStat Playlist" plugin solves the problem.

Is there any way you can check which processes uses most memory on the DS209+ ? As an example it would be interesting to see if the problem are caused by squeezecenter or mysql.