View Full Version : Slimserver missing songs and erratic behaviour

Simon Turner
2004-05-14, 06:47
> I think part of the problem is the m3u file. It's almost certainly why
> you're seeing too many songs being indexed. I've seen the effect here,
> where SlimServer will add m3u listings to the catalog along with the mp3
> files found.

I'm not seeing too many files being indexed though Roy. If the right amount
of files are not listed for any album directory then there are always *less*
files listed than there should be.
However, it does look like my problem is with the cue or m3u files. I really
don't want to delete or move (and edit!!) them. I would have thought that
lots of others would have this problem too or am I the only one to keep my
music files in this manner?

It is odd that mainly (or possibly, always) it appears that the first and
last two tracks of an album are the only ones to be listed for the albums
with the problems.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK