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Simon Turner
2004-05-14, 01:26
I deleted the playlists folder, slimserver.db and my prefs folder. Even
rescanned. No change. Same files missing.
I then unistalled slimserver, deleted remaining program directory,
reinstalled... still exactly the same problem with exactly the same files

Incase it helps I've stuck a correctly indexed and an ignored file here:

Track 1 (Central Plains) is indexed correctly
Track 2 (Tensor) is ignored

Download speed will not be great, sorry.

I run two Slimservers (one on XP and one on 2000). One scans just my flac
files and one scans my flac and mp3 files. They both fail to list the same
flac files. In case it's worth mentioning the hard drive that holds all my
music resides on the XP machine. The Slimserver I have just reinstalled
resides on my 2000 machine and scans the mapped drive. Slimserver on this
machine is running under my (administrator) account (as I have had no luck
getting it to accept mapped drives under any other accounts).

I've checked the tags again and can find nothing that sets apart the files
that are not included from those that are. I do not run Moodlogic or iTunes.

Other vagaries include:
After I deleted playlists folders et al the default path to my Playlist
directory appeared as a dos path (i.e. C:\Progra~1\etc etc. After I
reinstalled Slimserver the correct windows path was listed.

Thanks for any help

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> ok, here is my thought on this one....find your playlists folder,
> and either
> delete everything in it, or move all the files temporarily. do a
> search on your
> system for a file called slimserver.db and remove it. If you
> feel really brave,
> delete the prefs file. Then start the server.
> That will cover the obvious stuff.
> -kdf
> Quoting Harry McQuillen <lists (AT) spunturtle (DOT) net>:
> >
> > I have had a similar variant of this problem, at least the first post.
> > It's been plaguing me lately and Dean said he'd look into it. I've
> > tried trashing
> > preferences and re-installing all sorts of daily builds and
> older installs
> > to no avail. This happens to me with .aiff files (and apple lossless...)
> > It started after iTunes 4.5 I believe. It seems half of my tracks
> > are missing from half my albums. But they're threre!!!! It's
> been driving
> > me crazy. I'm Mac OS X 10.3.3 fwiw. I have 13529 songs in my
> > iTunes library but only 12089 in Slimserver - and it VARIES
> > build to build. Totally weird.
> >
> > -Harry
> >
> > >Slimserver doesn't appear to scan (or display?) my files
> correctly. Many of
> > >the tracks in various albums are missing. This only happens with flac
> > files.
> > >My mp3s all appear to be listed. I've looked at the tags (using the
> > >wonderful MP3Tag) and they all seem quite fine.
> > >I'm running two Slimservers and they both miss exactly the same tracks.
> > >If I Browse Music Folder all the songs are listed correctly.
> > >
> > >I have both .cue and .m3u files in each album directory (and
> an EAC .log
> > >file).
> > >
> > >If it's any help other strange things happen too.... if I
> start browsing by
> > >say, genre, I might find that the tracks of an album are
> displayed in the
> > >wrong order, but then if I browse by (say) artists they are
> listed in the
> > >correct order. In addition quite often I can view an album and
> see all the
> > >files for the mp3 version I hold, and just three of the flac files, but
> > then
> > >when I browse by a different route I might just see only the
> flac files and
> > >all the mp3s will all be missing.
> > >
> > >Is this a known problem, or am I the only one suffering from it?
> > >
> > >Simon Turner
> > >Brighton UK
> > >
> >