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2009-02-28, 06:16
When I try to listen to the most recent edition of a daily programme on BBC Radio Jersey the more recent editions are not listed in the Alien BBC menu, instead it lists an edition from 2 or 3 days previous. I checked with the BBC web page and can see that the default is to group programmes up by series and to only show the earliest available episode. You then have to open up the series by clicking on 'show 3 more' to see the more recent programmes. Alternatively you can click on 'order by most recent' to ungroup the programmes and see the most recent ones. This remains a problem for Alien BBC - I think the script needs to be updated to reflect the BBC HTML.

2009-02-28, 06:24
You can try the "alternate listen again" menu as this uses a different source ofprogram info.

Regarding the HTML update - there is a new test version you could try

2009-02-28, 06:30
There is a new test version in the plugin forum - I have posted a reply to this thread with a link but the post has gone to be moderated. It lookslike spam checking is too zealous.

2009-02-28, 07:20
trying again with the link http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=60368

2009-03-01, 05:22
Thank you for this last suggestion. I have installed the test version and it is now working perfectly.