View Full Version : Last.fm, worth becoming a paid member?

2009-02-28, 02:53
Hey Guys

I am thinking about becoming a paid member of last.fm however is it worth it?

2009-02-28, 03:07
As far as I can tell the only thing you get is the "loved tracks" availability to listen back to. But let me put it another way: These guys are great IMHO, worth spending a few pennies on !


2009-02-28, 03:16
I was just contemplating the same … but for € 2,50/month I’d somehow like to get not only my »loved tracks« but playlists and »my stations« too. So I wait.

What I like is that
they use MusicIP to get similar tracks (which I also like at home)
their tags function well
you can skip to the next track using SB and SBC remotes