View Full Version : Now Playing info always showing bbc stream?

2009-02-26, 02:41
I got my new Boom yesterday, had it setup and working straight away and sync'd with my SB3, love it.

I was listening to BBC Radio 1 Live stream yesterday with the AlienBBC plugin, and now whenever I play an album from the Napster plugin, the now playing screen, which Ive setup with MusicInfo plugin still shows the info for Radio 1? It works ok with FLAC music on the server in My Library and shows the actual info for the current track. Ive tried searching but couldnt find any info on this. Any suggestions, or other info needed to try and help?

Thanks for looking.

2009-02-26, 02:50
Are you in the UK ?
Are you playing the BBC Radio 1 menu from Internet radio menu or from the AlienBBC / BBC Live Streams menu ?

2009-02-26, 03:10
Yeah in the UK. I play it from the AlienBBC-Live Streams Menu. Ive restarted squeezecenter and my players, and changed a couple of other settings and it seems to be ok now, probably just some cache needed emptying? Slightly puzzled as to why it happened and the info from Napster didnt get displayed?

2009-02-26, 03:28
I think the issue is MusicInfo and AlienBBC and perhaps ALienBBC didn't clear down some info.

Since you are in the UK, you will get better audio quality ( MP3 for Listen Again and WMA for live ) links if you use the BBCiPlayer plugin. Also since both are SB3 native formats you shouldn't get the Napster issue.

2009-02-26, 03:55
Thanks, have just removed AlienBBC and installed BBCiplayer. All working great and nice and easy to do with the plugin/extension downloader/manager :D