View Full Version : need help on final step...

2009-02-25, 17:04
Hi Ive got a boom which i would like to connect to my remote squeezecentre at home - I am away from home. I have got to the point where i can see my home squeezecentre from my laptop so port 9000 is being forwarded correctly by my router. But when i use the same ip address on the Boom setup it doesnt find it. Is there another port that needs to be opened and forwarded.


Mark Lanctot
2009-02-26, 09:55
Yes, port 3483 TCP and UDP.

2009-02-26, 14:34
Thats done it - but now i have to see what i can do about orrendous rebuffering even on fat mp3s (256) - any settings i can set to temporarily squeeze it down further - its only for hotel room use


Mark Lanctot
2009-02-26, 14:43
Select Settings - Player - Audio - Bitrate Limiting and choose a bitrate that works.

You'll have to have the LAME MP3 encoder installed somewhere where SC can recognize it. See http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/LAMEForTranscoding