View Full Version : FLAC tags and international characters.

Larry Truesdale
2004-05-12, 09:20
True, the display itself is limited, but even if it can't display the character perfectly, it could be closer. On my system, the "Ø" (letter "O" with a line through it) in "Øystein Sevåg" shows up as "A" followed by a strange "kanji-like" character. So, its sorted with the "A"s instead of the "O"s. I'd be happier if it used a regular "O" instead. I imagine there would be reasonable compromises to make in the other situations too.


Pat Farrell <pfarrell (AT) pfarrell (DOT) com> wrote:
At 05:35 AM 5/12/2004, Dolf Dijkstra wrote:
As far as I know are the flac (ogg) comments UTF-8. This means that flac is capable of storing extended characters.

A little known, and to my knowledge never implemented, feature of ID3V2
tags is that they also support both UTF-8 and real unicode.

The last step is the font in the browser.
This is almost the last step.
The remaining problem is that the SqueezeBox display has a very limited
font set. It can't display a whole lot of things.

IMHO changing the flac comments by replacing the extended characters by ascii is not a good way out.
No argument that it is not correct, but I see no alternative to the
problem with the SqueezeBox display itself. It simply doesn't have
the ability to display even western European character sets.
German, French, the Scandinavian countries all add a couple of
extra glyphs.

This is much more of a problem with classical-style genres, where
the artists and piece names are often not English or American.