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Todd Fields
2004-05-11, 20:24
I'd like the Squeezebox to simply read my mind. :)

(Sorry for the wasted bandwidth, I couldn't resist.)

--- Robert Zimmerman <rob (AT) metro-email (DOT) com> wrote:
> As long as we're looking at accessing the music, I
> like to keep a
> listing of all the albums in a book on the coffee
> table, take out my
> remote and punch in the number of the album to play
> it. (I was using
> a 400 CD changer). I'm using a G4 and iTunes
> instead. Now, I have
> to sit and scroll through the display on the
> Squeezebox (which I love
> by the way) in a cabinet , or go to the home office
> computer to make
> selections. I found it easier to skim a book, find
> what I wanted and
> simply punch in the number. Any ideas?
> Rob
> >I think most of these things can be accomplished
> using iTunes Smart
> >Playlists.
> >
> >I have smart playlists that include "Added in the
> last 2 weeks", "Year is
> >between 1970 and 1979", as well as "Grouping
> contains On-U", etc. iTunes
> >has some very flexible filtering options in the
> Smart Playlists, and it
> >also updates them automatically. Tell Slim to pick
> up the custom iTunes
> >playlists and then let it do it's thing. Presto.
> >
> >adam
> >
> >

Daryle A. Tilroe
2004-05-11, 21:11
I finally ran a cat5 to my squeezebox to keep my microwave from
unexpectedly muting things. As a result I fully expected to
have to setup a new player in the web interface. Imagine my
surprise when, in spite of a different (albeit sequential) MAC
address, the squeezebox was identified as the same player with
a different MAC address. Now, up to this point, I was under the
impression that the MAC address was used as a unique player ID.
I guess this is not true. Perhaps it is as simple as 'odd'/
'even' MAC pairs being ID'd/reserved as the same player? This
would be a simple way to ID the players a wireless (ie. wireless
odd, wired even) which is already done somehow. Of course this
might have some softsqueeze implications as well. Anyhow I guess
the question is: if the MAC address is not the ID then what is?

Daryle A. Tilroe