View Full Version : AlienBBC: Saving Listen Again Programmes as Favorates?

2009-02-23, 08:41

Is it possible to save as a favorate the latest edition of daily program? Specifically, i am looking for a shortcut to start streaming the latest episode of the "Today Programme" so its available every morning without having to spend a couple of minutes refreshing the program list, navigating through menus etc...

At the moment i can only see how to bookmark a _specific episode_


2009-02-23, 08:58
BBC are making each episode with an unique URL and they expire after a week so ti is hard. The nearest I think are URL like th efollowing from beebotron (see http://beebotron.org/public2/radio4fm.html )


It looks like there is common URL for each day of the week but not for the latest.