View Full Version : FLAC Encoding

Brian Blankenship
2004-05-11, 16:38
This reply is a bit delayed, but I just caught up on about 3 weeks worth of
slim digests.

I use EAC to rip/encode all of my CDs to MP3 (for my iPod) and FLAC for
whole house audio. Originally I was ripping with EAC to FLAC and then going
back and ripping to MP3 with LAME. Until I found MAREO
(http://mareo.netfirms.com/) which allows multiple encodings at once. Here
is a snippet from the readme.txt "It works as a (fake) encoder that in turn
runs the real encoders for each track ripped by the ripper, passing it the
required parameters such as source and destination file, author, CD, track,
etc. It can also be used to call other post-compress and pre-compress
programs, like ReplayGain."

Hope this helps a few of you out there doing multiple encodings.