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2009-02-23, 02:37
Hi all,

I've just downloaded SqueezeSlave and it seems excellent. Until now I've used SoftSqueeze (along with three SB hardware units) but never needed the GUI. I'm running SqueezeSlave on Vista (x64).

My setup is SC7.3 on Linux, with music shared via a mounted drive to my Windows server. All works really well for the SB/Boom units, and also for SoftSqueeze. And it *mostly* works well for SqueezeSlave. But SqueezeSlave will reach the end of a track and then stop - the GUI (Fishbone) thinks it's still playing.

The only pattern I can see is the music stops when there's a non-standard filename. For example, when I look in the web interface I see this for the song I want to play:

Location: /mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Radio Veronica Top 1000 [2007]/0580 - Mr. Mister - Kyrie (Kir-- ).flac

The actual filename on Windows Server is this:

0580 - Mr. Mister - Kyrie (Kir--)

The name (with the diacritics) shows correctly in the SC7.3 interface (playlist), and it shows correctly in the SoftSqueeze GUI. But SqueezeSlave refuses to play it.

That's the only pattern I can see.

Can anyone suggest anything? Is SqueezeSlave opening and processing the files itself rather than SqueezeCentre doing the work?


2009-02-23, 05:02

Squeezeslave only talks to SC using slimprotocol, it does not access music files directly. When a new player is created, it defaults to bandwidth limiting enabled at 320kbps, if you don't have lame installed, SC thinks it's playing okay, when in fact it isn't. Try changing the SS player bandwidth player setting to no limit.

I currently have an updated SS player modules for SC which fixes this and several other recent changes in SS that have not been reflected in the player type. Just need to test a few more settings.


2009-02-23, 05:09
Many thanks for the reply Ralphy. But why would it happily play 20 songs this morring, then bork on the first one with diacritics in the name?

I don't think it's a bandwidth issue at all.


2009-02-23, 05:12
Did you check? I don't think it's the name, it's the file type. flac will be transcoded to mp3 if bandwidth limiting is on.

2009-02-23, 05:30
But all my files are flac, including all the ones it's happily played this morning.

To confirm, it will happily play:

Location: /mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Radio Veronica Top 1000 [2007]/0213 - Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down.flac

Location: /mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Radio Veronica Top 1000 [2007]/0520 - Heart - Alone.flac

Location: /mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Radio Veronica Top 1000 [2007]/0034 - U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday.flac

but will not play

Location: /mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Radio Veronica Top 1000 [2007]/0580 - Mr. Mister - Kyrie (Kir-- ).flac

Location: /mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Celtic Heart/17 - Capercaillie - Coisich a' Rin (Walk My Beloved).flac

Location: /mnt/music/Music/Clannad/Magical Ring/07 - T ' M Mo Shu.flac

SoftSqueeze, SB3 and Boom all play all the tracks.

SoftSqueeze and the SB3/Boom all show the proper names of these tracks, e.g.

Kyrie (Kir--)
T 'M Mo Shu
Coisich a' Rin

So, it definitely looks like an issue with accented caharacters. SqueezeSlave cannot handle them but SoftSqueeze and SB3/Boom can. Is there any diagnostics/debugging I can do to assist? Or can you rename one of yoru .flac files to one of these names and try?


2009-02-23, 05:46
Can you enable the player.source logging at debug level, play one the "bad" files and attach the log to a post?

2009-02-23, 06:04
Hopefully the attachment gives you need, but the useful bits seem to be this:

[09-02-23 12:58:14.3155] Slim::Player::TranscodingHelper::tokenizeConvertCo mmand2 (557) Using command for conversion: "/usr/bin/flac" -dcs --force-raw-format --endian=little --sign=signed -- "/mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Radio Veronica Top 1000 [2007]/0580 - Mr. Mister - Kyrie (Kir-" & |
[09-02-23 12:58:14.3157] Slim::Player::Song::open (457) Tokenized command "/usr/bin/flac" -dcs --force-raw-format --endian=little --sign=signed -- "/mnt/music/Music/Various Artists/Radio Veronica Top 1000 [2007]/0580 - Mr. Mister - Kyrie (Kir-" & |
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4028] Slim::Player::SongStreamController::new (32) live=2
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4065] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_Stream (969) 00:00:00:00:00:01: stream
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4090] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_Stream (998) Song queue is now 0
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4105] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_setPlayingStat e (1802) new playing state BUFFERING
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4109] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_setStreamingSt ate (1815) new streaming state STREAMING
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4112] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_eventAction (301) 00:00:00:00:00:01: NextTrackReady - new state BUFFERING-STREAMING
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4117] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_eventAction (301) 00:00:00:00:00:01: Play - new state BUFFERING-STREAMING
[09-02-23 12:58:14.4283] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_eventAction (269) 00:00:00:00:00:01: StatusHeartbeat in BUFFERING-STREAMING -> Slim::Player::StreamingController::_NoOp
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5117] Slim::Player::Source::_readNextChunk (476) Read to end of file or pipe
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5122] Slim::Player::Source::_readNextChunk (499) end of file or error on socket, song pos: 0
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5125] Slim::Player::Source::_readNextChunk (508) Didn't stream any bytes for this song, so just mark it as played
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5128] Slim::Player::StreamingController::playerTrackStar ted (1627) 00:00:00:00:00:01
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5131] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_eventAction (269) 00:00:00:00:00:01: Started in BUFFERING-STREAMING -> Slim::Player::StreamingController::_Playing
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5133] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_setPlayingStat e (1802) new playing state PLAYING
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5136] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_Playing (352) Song 0 has now started playing
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5142] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_Playing (381) Song queue is now 0
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5145] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_eventAction (301) 00:00:00:00:00:01: Started - new state PLAYING-STREAMING
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5148] Slim::Player::Source::_readNextChunk (515) 00:00:00:00:00:01 mark end of stream
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5152] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_eventAction (269) 00:00:00:00:00:01: LocalEndOfStream in PLAYING-STREAMING -> Slim::Player::StreamingController::_Streamout
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5154] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_setStreamingSt ate (1815) new streaming state STREAMOUT
[09-02-23 12:58:14.5156] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_eventAction (301) 00:00:00:00:00:01: LocalEndOfStream - new state PLAYING-STREAMOUT

Let me know if you need any more info (or RDP/SSH access).


2009-02-23, 06:07
For comparison, attached is the log from SoftSqueeze for the same track.


2009-02-23, 07:09
You do have bandwidth limiting on.

[09-02-23 12:58:14.2878] Slim::Utils::Prefs::maxRate (869) Setting maxBitRate for Squeezeslave JimSAG to: 320

and you don't have lame installed.

[09-02-23 12:58:14.2961] Slim::Player::TranscodingHelper::checkBin (260) couldn't find binary for: lame

Please disable bandwidth limiting or install lame. Since you're using flac files I'd disable the bandwidth limiting.

2009-02-23, 07:18
Ok it's sorted.

No I didn't have LAME installed, but nor did I have bandwidth limiting applied. However, the limiting options are greyed-out if LAME isn't installed, yet they still seem to be applied.

I've installed LAME and that has enable the bandwidth limiting options. I've now been able to change the dropdown to "no limit" and the tracks now play.

Many thanks for your help.


2009-02-23, 07:40
Yes, that's right. The squeezeslave player type defaults to bandwidth limiting enabled and without lame installed you can't disable it.