View Full Version : CustomBrowse with classical music

2009-02-22, 12:09

i want to change the look of the squeezecenter webinterface for my classical music. I installed Multi Library, CustomScan and CustomBrowse. I did read the wikis but still have a little problem with the setup.
What i did so far:
Created a new tag Orchestra and Performer inside CustomScan.
With CustomBrowse i created two new entries under manage menues and i can use them in the webinterface under Custom Browse.
Then i created new menues under manage header/footer items like the wiki says.

The problem is that i can only see the Orchestra and Performer info when i click on the track details of a cd. But i want to see the two entries already on the cd details side in the webinterface. Is this not possible or am i doing something wrong?


2009-02-22, 14:19
If you like to be able to configure the Song Info page in web interface you will need to use the ClassicCB, DefaultCB or FishboneCB skins. Also please not that you might need to setup two header/footer entries, one with "object type" set to "track" (which is shown on track details in player interface) and another with "object type" set to "trackheader" (which is shown in Song Info page in web interface).