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Eric Gauthier
2004-05-11, 13:52
You have started Playing on the slimserver for that "device"? You need to
go to the web interface http://localhost:9000/ and select the PC's IP
address from the drop down list, and select the music you want to play and
start it playing.

The FAQ describes the process.



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>I have been trying for some time to get remote
>streaming to work and have been unsuccessful. My
>server is version 5.1.5 running on SuSE Linux 9.0. My
>Winamp is version 5.0.2 on Windows 2000. I have tried
>with many prior versions of slimserver software (back
>to the slimp3 software) and SuSE 8.2 as well.
>When I connect to http://<servername>:9000/stream.mp3,
>my Winamp buffer counts up to 100%, then goes to 0,
>then counts up to 100%, then back to 0. Over and over.
>It does say "Welcome to Slimserver" on Winamp, so I
>know they are talking to each other. I just never get
>any music. Also, from looking at network traffic, it
>seems that the data is going over the network, but
>Winamp is not playing it.
>I can connect to other Internet streaming MP3 sites
>like Shoutcast and other radio stations, so I know my
>Winamp can stream MP3.
>Is there some setup piece I'm missing that is not in
>the instructions on the website?
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